New Music: Aiyana-Lee ‘Rich Kids’

Aiyana-Lee releases her new single, ‘Rich Kids’ – which “represents being a broke outsider, but having this fire within you that propels you forward.”

“It’s about being rich in your soul, not in your wallet, and being the best version of yourself, because ultimately that’s something money can’t buy…” explains the 20-year-old.

Breathing fire / See I’m lit but I’m broke right now
Eat the rich if they slow me down / But I can’t let them hold me down
Breathing fire / It’s a bitch that I’m broke right now
But I’m rich in the soul right now /  Said I’m rich in the soul right now

With power, athleticism, wit and insight, Aiyana-Lee is definitely making a place for herself in the music landscape.

When Aiyana-Lee was 15, she and her mother moved to Los Angeles so Aiyana-Lee could pursue her dream of being a singer, writer and performer.

“My mom sacrificed everything,” Aiyana-Lee said. “We struggled, had financial troubles, including the loss of our home. We lived eating canned foods together and we’d make a good time of walking down the street and people watching, laughing when we didn’t even have a dime to our name.”

Aiyana-Lee drops her new single "Rich Kids"

Combining elements of pop, R&B and soul with poignant, heartfelt lyrics, Aiyana-Lee’s powerhouse vocals have already captivated listeners and amassed more than 2.3 million streams of her recent single “Bedroom” on YouTube.

Aiyana-Lee’s ‘Rich Kids” is available to download/stream on all major platforms.


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