After Disregarding Guidelines Trump & First Lady Contract Coronavirus

Donald Trump smirks during a press event
Donald Trump (photo: public domain/Flickr)

The hits keep coming…

Last night it was revealed that close personal aide to Donald Trump, Hope Hicks, had contracted the coronavirus after traveling in close quarters with the president for days.

According to the New York Times, White House officials knew about Ms. Hicks’s probable diagnosis since Wednesday evening, when she traveled with the president aboard Air Force One to Minnesota for a campaign rally and began to exhibit symptoms. She was quarantined on the return flight to Washington and exited Air Force One from the back entrance of the plane.

As news reports began to scurry about wondering if Trump might have been exposed to the virus – Trump has famously disregarded his own administration’s guidelines regarding face mask wearing and social distancing – Trump confirmed with Fox News’s Sean Hannity during a phone-in interview that Hicks had tested positive for the virus and that he and the First Lady were tested and awaiting results.

A couple of hours later, Trump tweeted that he and Melania Trump had, in fact, contracted the coronavirus. The president reportedly is exhibiting symptoms from the virus.

Stay tuned…