A visit to the amazing world of ABSINTHE

The Gazillionaire and his assistant Penny Pibbets of ABSINTHE pay tribute to Olivia Newton-John

Michael and I paid a visit with Olivia Newton-John to the wild and fabulous “Absinthe” here in Las Vegas last night.

As Olivia is in rehearsals for her upcoming opening of her residency at the Flamingo Las Vegas, she’s spending some of her free evenings exploring other entertainment Las Vegas has to offer. Regular readers of The Randy Report know that my husband, Michael, is Olivia’s publicist, and we’ve been friends with Olivia for something like 18 years now, so now with her long-term engagement we can show her more of Las Vegas than a short weekend run of concerts has allowed up to now.

“Absinthe” is one of our favorite shows and we make a point to take our friends when in town. It’s kind of hard to describe: part circus, part outrageous comedy.  It’s a fun, sexy goulash of laughs and awesome acts.

Performed in the round and in intimate proximity of the world-class artists performing amazing feats of strength, balance, danger and unfathomable flexibility, “Absinthe” is an experience unlike any other.

The New York Times put it like this: “Imagine Cirque du Soleil as channeled through “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and painted by George Grosz. A blend of skill, erotic innuendo and zaniness. The memorable moments make a jaded audience literally gasp.”

I can report that our entire group had the best time. And afterwards, we took a few pictures with the uber-talented cast.

Thanks “Absinthe” for always delivering and never disappointing. Great show!

Just imagine sitting in the front row…

Absolutely amazing balancing act

Balancing on a chair that’s balancing on a pole between two tight rope walkers

The cast of “Absinthe” with Olivia Newton-John

Michael and I with Olivia, her asst Martha, and Olivia’s singers Steve and Marlen