Zach Wahls speaks at GLAAD Media Awards NYC 2012

Last night writer & LGBT advocate Zach Wahls took the stage at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York to share anecdotes from his personal journey following his speech in front of the Iowa House of Representatives which was the most-watched political clip of 2011 according to Youtube.

He talked about the impact of his video, including changing the mind of a soldier on marriage equality and building confidence in a lesbian woman to become a mother. He also spoke jokingly about questions he gets asked about growing up with two mothers. Zach was particularly funny in offering his answer to one question about his moms – “which one is the man” – by saying “that’s like looking at chop sticks and asking ‘which one is the fork?'”

“Since that speech went viral back in February of 2011, I’ve been all over the country, from California to New York, down to Florida, continuing to share my story and have this conversation about gay marriage or as I like to call it, marriage,” said Zach Wahls.

I think this guy rocks. Amazing to think he’s so young and yet so articulate.