Zach Wahls destroys anti-gay Boy Scout rep on discrimination issue

Zach Wahls, super-hero and LGBT ally, destroys a very sad man, John Stemberger, who tries to “stand up” for anti-gay discrimination by the Boy Scouts of America.

The fact of the matter is no one is “promoting” any “gay agenda.” The issue with whether or not young gay men will be allowed to participate in the positive journey Scouting can have on a young man. AND whether or not a young adult Scout, after spending a decade perhaps in Boy Scouts, will be allowed to continue in service to an organization that might provide excellent opportunities to young men.

The idea that an openly gay adult male would not be able to take part as a Scout Leader – because it’s assumed they wouldn’t be able to control their ‘sexual urges’ – is reprehensible. That would be like saying straight men can’t control themselves from raping any woman on the street.

It’s simply ridiculous.

And yet you have John Stemberger telling the world that gays will “destroy” the Boy Scouts.

“Destroy” the Boy Scouts.

“Destroy.” How about that word?