Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry

Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry

A new campaign plans to tap into and build upon the growing support
for marriage equality expressed by young conservatives in the United

Freedom To Marry, the national advocacy group, launched the initiative,
Young Conservatives for the Freedom To Marry, on Tuesday. The campaign
intends to show the bipartisan nature of marriage equality by providing a
platform for conservatives, Republicans and Libertarians under the age
of 44 who believe the issue “fulfills basic conservative values of
responsibility and community, as well as limited government and
individual freedom,” according to a news release.

Recent polls show that support for marriage equality has grown across
every demographic, including conservative voters, and in particular
among young people. A poll from ABC News/Washington Post in May found
that while 61% of Republicans thought that same-sex marriage should be
illegal, 46% of Republicans between the ages of 18 and 44 supported
marriage equality.

“Freedom and family are core conservative values,” said conservative
commentator Margaret Hoover, a leadership committee member, in the
group’s news release. “We have a historic opportunity to reaffirm these
important values by supporting the fundamental freedom to marry for all
Americans.  Now is the time for a rising generation of voters and
leaders to embrace these virtues and join Young Conservatives for the
Freedom to Marry.”

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