Wrong Direction?

So I got to thinking about those people who say the country is headed in the “wrong direction.”

And then I looked up a few facts – you know, those often inconvenient things…

In the last two years since the end of the last administration, we’ve gone from losing 700,000 jobs a month the first few months after Bush left, to slowly but surely adding private sector jobs.  Check out the shape of the graph below.  Which direction do you think is the right one?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 6,547 on March 9, 2009 – before any of Obama’s policies could come into effect. It closed today over 12,041.  Again, check out the direction.

On top of all this, corporations are announcing record earnings.  Someone out there is making money, kids.

Though this wasn’t Obama’s economic crisis, it is his economic recovery.

The only thing that HASN’T happened is after the wealthiest top 2% – having had tax cuts for years – are not spending any of that money to create jobs. We kept hearing “lower taxes creates jobs.” Well, the tax cuts implemented in 2001, 2003 and extended in the lame duck session have been in effect for a long time. Where are the jobs?

Or is it possible that the wealthy are taking their tax cuts and just pocketing the money while they squeeze more productivity out of fewer and fewer employees? When are those who are supposed to create jobs going to actually create them?