World Cancer Day – February 4, 2013

Today, February 4th, is World Cancer Day.

As a cancer “thriver” myself I’ve thought all day about my own cancer journey and how it affected and still affects who I am.

This led me down the road to wonder – as I approach 50 years old this year – who am I today?

I’m a writer now; I’m an activist for many causes including cancer survivors; and I am still – and always will be – a dancer. I’m currently choreographing a production of CHICAGO the Musical in San Diego.

I often forget how much I love dance. It is hard, it hurts the older I get; yet, it means even more to me “the older I get.”  Somehow, I  knew dance would be related to my thoughts on World Cancer Day.

And lo and behold, I come across this beautiful project from Visible Ink featuring my uber-talented friend Kathryn Murphy dancing to a gorgeous essay by Jessica Moser.  Kathryn’s dancing is an honest and beautiful embodiment of the early days of cancer diagnosis.  Really beautiful.

I see a lot of how I feel about World Cancer Day in this performance.  This day, for me, is about letting people know we are still here.
And that those who love us are always near, both during and after the

This World Cancer Day is about dispelling myths about cancer: that cancer is just a health issue; that it’s a disease of the wealthy, elderly and under privileged countries; that cancer is a death sentence; and that cancer is “my fate.”  Find out more about World Cancer Day here.

From the YouTube description: Visible Ink, a one-on-one writing program for patients at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, offers opportunities for self-expression, stress reduction, personal growth, and individual success at a time when many participants face the considerable challenge of a serious illness.

Jessica Moser’s essay “Taking Back Cape May” was performed by Lucy Martin with Kathryn Mowat Murphy (dancing), Susan Spain, Catherine Augier, with singer Soara-Joye Ross, and musicians Karen E. Popkin and Taryn Thomas at Visible Ink’s second annual reading on April 5, 2010.