Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker To Drop White House Campaign

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker To Drop White House Campaign

According to the New York Times, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker plans to end his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination today. A press conference has been scheduled for 6PM today from Madison, Wisconsin.

The reason? His dramatic drop in the polls – he was at the top of most pundits list at the beginning of the year – where he now sees his stock plummet to less than one percent.

A supporter who was informed of the decision told the NY Times: “The short answer is money. He’s made a decision not to limp into Iowa.”

In addition to the disappointing poll results,  his lackluster performance in the two GOP debates thus far have apparently made donors nervous and have begun to flee the sinking ship.

One of his donors had this to say: “Donors have totally dried up for Walker, and getting people to come on Thursday was unbelievably hard. Everyone I know was just totally stunned by how difficult the fund-raising became, but the candidate and the campaign just couldn’t inspire confidence.”

Bye, Scott. It’s like we barely knew your union-busting self.