When Worlds Collide – “The Oz Project”

When Worlds Collide – “The Oz Project”

What if “Dorothy” from THE WIZARD OF OZ and her counterpart “Dorothy” from THE WIZ  went on the same journey together?

Awesome stuff from some of those Broadway folks – directed by Sean Barrett.

Who doesn’t love both? Very  creative. Bravo.

Here’s the video description:

The Oz Project is a love letter to THE WIZARD OF OZ and THE WIZ created by some of their diehard fans at heart. This 10-minute music video follows the parallel journeys of the Dorothy character in each adaptation as they both get whisked away in the same tornado, land in their respective versions of Oz, and follow their own yellow brick road. Their stories are interwoven as the two classic versions are combined through their well-loved scores, and sung by some of the greatest voices on Broadway.

The cast includes: Kate Rockwell, Brynn Williams, Joshua Henry, Rob McClure, Nancy Opel, Liz Larsen, Mykal Kilgore, James T. Lane, Ryan VanDenBoom, Grasan Kingsberry, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Ben Jacoby, Jennie Harney, Natalie Joy Johnson, Ashlee Dupre, Patrice Covington, Alan Wiggins, Julia Knitel, Marty Thomas, Louis Jones, Gabrielle Reed.