“Whatever happened to manhood?”

According to Coach Dave, we’ve been “sissified” by gay marriage and feminazis. He seems to think manhood is about something he saw on TV or in the movies.

I think he’s wrong.

Top comments on this video on YouTube:

• “Coach” had better take a look at some of the old Bonanza episodes again. As I recall, Little Joe’s pants were _very_ tight and revealing. Same for the Lone Ranger. Coach should marry Alex Jones. They’d make a lovely couple.”

• “And if you want a great example of solid, responsible manhood, watch the gay male marriage where they adopt a kid, renovate a house, and build a life overcoming enemies all around. THAT’s you manhood.

“If you want a bad example of manhood, look at the straight guy who has a gun, hunting gear, a monster truck, a man cave, who screams at his wife, is shooting pool when he should be home, and doesn’t have a steady job.

“Manhood is about standing up to responsibility, not TV shows.”