What To Watch: ‘The X Circus’

From The X Circus official website - 'Hallelujah' in rehearsal

You may remember Matthew Richardson & Francis Perreault from their breath taking 2016 short film, “The Arrow” or Richardson’s appearances on America’s Got Talent.

Now, on Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. ET, they and other LGBTQ+ circus artist are coming together as The X CIRCUS for live interactive streaming performances on YouTube.

You’ll be able to ask questions with the artists after, get an inside look into the training and production side of things, AND learn more about the meaning of the acts and the stories of the artists.

“THE X CIRCUS is my attempt to create a platform for LGBTQ+ artists to openly express queer stories and art, and to present acts that normally are not always seen on stage,” says Richardson. “My goal is to create more normalcy and a kinder world for the queer community.”

Here’s the premiere episode from this past Sunday:

From the official website for The X Circus:

The X Circus is dedicated to creating powerful performance art and films to open minds and inspire a kinder world. With a focus on LGBTQ+ circus art, these project aim to help minorities by challenging social norms, raising questions and starting conversations.

“By creating unique circus films and performances that evoke emotion, we deliver important messages through unforgettable acrobatics and dance. Led by circus artist & creator Matthew Richardson, these projects have come to life thanks to the talents of an incredible team and years of hard work.

Learn more about the project and its diverse array of performers telling their stories through brilliant artistry and work at  The X-Circus. 

Here’s the romantic 2016 circus/queer film ‘The Arrow’ which has garnered nearly 2 million views. You can follow Matthew Richardson on Instagram here.

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