Warwick Rowers 2015 Calendar – The Story

Warwick Rowers celebrate the release of their 2015 Charity Calendar

This is the story of the Warwick Rowers, a bunch of college athletes who thought that maybe they could make a difference. They decided to do this by getting naked.

At first they did it to help their sports club, which had no funds. But what started as a bit of a laugh became a life-changing experience that none of them could have foreseen.

Since 2009, the calendar has been sold in 77 different countries and raised £200,000 for good causes. In addition to the calendars, the boys now have their own range of posters, t-shirts, art prints, hoodies, and greeting cards.

And the best thing about this story is that you can be a part of it. Find out how by watching the video below and visiting warwickrowers.org

Warwick Rowers 2015 Calendar: The Story from Sport Media Productions on Vimeo.