Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli wants to outlaw oral sex

Lawrence O’Donnell explains to you Virginia gubernatorial hopeful and current attorney general Ken Cuccinelli’s ongoing efforts to keep Virginia’s anti-sodomy laws on the books.

Now, “sodomy” isn’t just what you might think it is. As written in the law, “sodomy” includes basically anything other than heterosexual intercourse. So NO oral sex, kids.

O’Donnell took the time to actually look at the language of Cuccinelli’s favorite law, and discovered that the far-reaching policy would make a felony any kind of sex involving the anus or the mouth of any citizen — male or female, straight, gay, or otherwise, married or single — and the “carnal parts” of another citizen.

“In other words, it prohibits most gay and straight sex,” explains O’Donnell. “And while it’s at it, it prohibits sex with ‘any brute animal.’ In fact, the only sex act that remains legal is heterosexual vaginal intercourse. And don’t think you can enter marriage — it does not include an exception for married couples. So the republican candidate for governor in Virginia is running on a platform that wants to continue to make it illegal in Virginia for married couples to have oral sex. Or for any couples of any gender to have any form of oral sex.”

Then O’Donnell brings his argument to its logical conclusion: “When the republican candidate for governor finds himself in a campaign debate, is it not reasonable to ask him if he has violated the law that he supports?”

So, if Cuccinelli has his way – no BJ for you!

Ironically, the state’s tourism slogan is “Virginia is for lovers…”

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