Video: Single Step “Be Yourself”

LGBTQ group Single Step, based in Bulgaria, provides critical support to LGBTQ youth and their families.

The advocacy group has dropped a gorgeous, heart-stopping video for their Be Yourself campaign urging young folks all around the world to take pride in who they are.

Featuring amazing athleticism and stunt work, the video was created to be “an artistic manifestation of courage, self-expression, human connection and community.”

“The world doesn’t want me to be me; pressures me to be less of me. 
Maybe my family only loves this version of me that isn’t me.”

“I wanted to create a coming out story that is universal, that everyone can relate to on some level,” said director Sandro Suppnig. “A piece to inspire young people to have the courage to be their true self, using parkour as a metaphor for finding inner strength by belonging to a community. If this film helps only one person, I have achieved what I wanted.”

“Nothing I can do but be who I am, you see? 
My identity doesn’t come off so easily.”

Single Step founder Ivan Dimov shared, “One year ago I had a vision of a young man in distress standing on the edge of a cliff. And he takes one crucial step… I am deeply grateful to the amazing team that created Be Yourself, for their dedication and heart.”

“I am exactly who I am supposed to be.”

Watch the video below.