Video: Nyle DiMarco Teaches Curses Words In ASL

Video: Nyle DiMarco Teaches Curses Words In ASL

Dancing with the Stars and America’s Next Top Model champ Nyle DiMarco says he gets tons of requests for an ASL tutorial in bad words.

Since I started making tutorial videos I’ve gotten so many requests to do a bad words video. I think curse words are some of the first things a lot of people learn when they are studying a new language. It’s something every language has in common. ASL especially can be more discrete and it’s the first thing hearing people always want to learn! I try not to take myself too seriously and had a lot of fun shooting this.

I met the “sexually fluid” deaf model/actor a couple of years ago when he was the celebrity guest host at Chippendales in Las Vegas. All the dancers and staff at Chipps made a point to learn some ASL to make Nyle as comfortable as possible.

As I understand, the Chipps were very interested in learning new sign language all the time. I’m guessing some of these got taught backstage… 🙂

Watch below