Video: “Finding Daddy” from Daddyhunt

Video: “Finding Daddy” from Daddyhunt

Popular dating site DaddyHunt has launched it’s own photo sharing/geolocation-based dating app named, appropriately, Daddyhunt.

What separates this app from other smart phone apps? Daddyhunt celebrates the value of older men.

From DaddyHunt:

And unlike other apps where young guys have all the power, Daddyhunt is the place where older dudes rule. In fact, for older guys on Daddyhunt, the odds are always in their favor. Now is the best time to be a Daddy. Gay and Bisexual men over 40 are thriving, successful, happy and report getting more attention from guys than ever before. Gay or straight, many people find the idea of a hot, stable older man, appealing. Experience matters!

All of that to say – to promote the launch of the app, Daddyhunt has created several fun short, videos with the tag line “Experience matters!” I think the video is cute.