Video: “Ask Bobsleigh Simon – Bedroom Edition 2.0”

My favorite Olympic bobsledder, Simon Dunn, answers fans questions from the comfort of his own bed.

The hunky Dunn answers questions ranging from “Did you ever have a girlfriend?” to “What was your experience on PeP like?”

“Pretty much I had been seeing someone who one day I found out had been seeing someone else who was HIV positive. So, going to the hospital, the doctor’s best advice was to go on PeP.

“Although statistically speaking for me, the statistics of me having actually caught anything were extremely low but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“So I want on PeP and basically for an entire month I was nauseous, I was vomiting. I’m happy to say that I hadn’t caught anything. I wasn’t HIV positive.

“Beyond that, I spoke to friend about pep and a lot of them at that age weren’t even aware of it. And for me that is a horrible situation in the gay community, that we have this tool to prevent HIV but most of us don’t know about it.

“So for me, in this video in answering this question I would like everybody to do some research about PeP and realize that we have this tool in our arsenal to prevent another generation of people from being HIV positive.”