Vanessa Trump Files For Divorce From Donald Trump Jr.

The New York Daily News reports that Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa are heading to divorce court:

Like father, like son.

Donald Trump Jr.’s wife has filed for divorce.

Vanessa Trump married Trump Jr. in 2005. They have five children.

President Trump has been divorced twice.

The reasons for the divorce filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court were not clear. The divorce was listed as “uncontested,” indicating the split was amicable. Trump Jr. has been traveling extensively while running his father’s business with his brother, Eric.

The “uncontested” aspect means she’s not expecting a legal battle over custody of the couple’s five children or their assets.

I get no glee from this. I don’t think we should make fun of the parents of five children divorcing.

One last thing, though.

Some folks on Twitter have suggested the possibility that this could be a ploy to move assets out of the family name in case serious legal action against the Trumps were to occur.