U.S. Adds 292,000 New Jobs In December

Good news in newly released jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics this morning:

• American employers added 292,000 jobs in December beating 200,000 estimate

• Unemployment remains at 5% for third straight month

• October and November reports were revised up to include additional 50,000 jobs

• 2015 saw 2.65 million new jobs in the U.S., averaging 221,000 a month. That marks the second-best year for hiring since 1999 (2014 still best with 3.2 million jobs)

• Housing market looking strong with new homes sales up 15% in 2015

• Auto sales hit record high in 2015

• An economist at IHS estimates American household saved an average of $722 in 2015 thanks to lower gas prices

Keep in mind, Donald Trump and other Repubs will tell you we’re going in “the wrong direction…”