Uruguay to begin debating marriage equality

Uruguay to begin debating marriage equality

After two delays earlier this year, it appears Uruguay’s Congress is ready to finally vote on marriage equality there.

[The law] was drafted by gay rights activists in the so-called “Black Sheep Collective” and now has the support of lawmakers in the ruling Broad Front coalition, which decided Wednesday to debate the measure next week in the House of Deputies’ constitutional commission.

“Today’s society is much broader than the heterosexual, and the civil code should reflect this: a marriage institution that applies equally to all,” Federico Grana, a member of the collective, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “This goes well beyond homosexuality — it’s a law that gives all the same rights and responsibilities.”

The Catholic Church in Uruguay is, not surprisingly, opposed to the potential law, insisting that the civil unions already in place are good enough for same-sex couples. Extending marriage to them, says Bishop Joseph Fuentes, “discriminates” against heterosexuals.

“Giving this kind of union the same obligations and rights as marriage would represent serious discrimination against a married man and woman,” he said.