TV: SMASH ends it’s run tonight

TV: SMASH ends it’s run tonight
Bernadette Peters and Megan Hilty on SMASH
Say good night to SMASH tonight.  Series finale is on NBC tonight at 9pm EST.
While I personally had my ups and downs with the show, I did like a lot of it in the end.  And I give the creators a lot of credit for what they set out to do.  To this day, the song that closed the terrific pilot episode, “Let Me Be Your Star,” still sounds like a Broadway blockbuster to me. And so much of the choreography on the show was top notch.
Over the course of the show’s life, I’ve had several friends appear on the show (which was cool) and I interviewed the fab Megan Hilty for The Candi & Randy Show (warm, delightful and speaks with a smile in her voice).
So while many folks may be ready to see the show go, I’ll be watching tonight. Maybe I’ll dim the lights around my bathroom mirror down in remembrance.