Trump’s Monday Meltdown On Twitter

Trump’s Monday Meltdown On Twitter
Donald Trump

Another Monday, another Twitter meltdown by Cheeto in Chief Donald Trump.

This morning the Trumpster took aim at the ongoing Special Counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller. Pointing to the sad, half-hearted results of the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee’s investigation Trump proclaimed “No Collusion, Coordination or anything else with Russia!”

He also took a swipe at the “13 Democrats in charge of the Russian Witch Hunt” as he alluded to “unrevealed Conflicts of Interest!”

Of course, what he doesn’t mention is that Robert Mueller himself is a life-long Republican.

Also, still feeling the sting of supporting Republican loser Roy Moore down in the recent Alabama Senate race, Trump attacked former CEO Don Blankenship who’s running for the Republican Senate nomination in West Virginia.

Blankenship is a former coal CEO who went to jail after violating mining safety regulations and 29 coal workers died. Polls show Blankenship currently leading the GOP pack which could spell disaster for the Repubs trying to pick up a Democratic held Senate seat.

The Republican nominee will run against incumbent Sen. Joe Manchin, who has also served as governor of West Virginia.