Trump Supporter’s Racist Rant Inspires $32K Gift For Store Manager

Trump supporter Jennifer Boyle

Here’s some holiday cheer to help you believe in the human race.

You’ll recall last week I wrote about a hideous woman at a Michael’s crafts store in Chicago – a self-identified “Trump supporter” – who went on an insane 45 minute rant on store employees and customers over having to pay $1 for shopping bag.

The woman, identified as Jennifer Boyle, verbally assaulted the manager of the store using labels like “animal” and a “lying piece of shit” the day before Thanksgiving. Ms. Boyle apparently has a history of verbally abusing employees of retail stores she frequents.

The manager, who handled the episode with seriously professional patience, has been identified only as Holli.

A customer who witnessed the verbal abuse, Jessie Grady, videoed the attack and uploaded it online.

In the aftermath of the horrible behavior by Boyle, Grady set up a GoFundMe campaign to try and honor Holli’s grace under fire, writing, “I am starting this gofundme because I’d like to do something to try to make it up to the employee who was the main target of this racist attack.”

Initially, Grady set a goal of $400 to do something nice for Holli.

Just to show you a good deed can be recognized, the total of the campaign has just passed $32,000!

According to Grady, Holli is working towards her Master’s degree in psychology so she could pursue her dream of becoming a professional guidance counselor. She also has currently has a second job knitting scarves and hats for homeless teens.

While keeping a low profile, Holli did post this message on the GoFundMe page:

I’ll start with this. I am in utter shock. You have all single handedly changed my life. Each of you have shown me that this world is worth living in. I have felt so misguided in a sense of why can’t I get passed where I am. I’ve tried to be kind, I’ve tried to be fair, I’ve tried to share regardless if I was able to. I want others to smile when I smile back at them. Knowing deeply we all have a higher purpose. How can I help!!

For some time now, I’ve felt this overwhelming sense of failure. I want to make a positive change in this world. I know what I’m here for and that’s to help others reach their higher potential. With your support I have been blessed with the opportunity to live and not just survive daily. I can properly provide for my family and meet all our children’s needs. I will now have the ability to get my business up and running in order to provide a better future for us. And I can still give back to my community even more now.

You have personally contributed to SO much more than you could possible know.

I ask that you please forgive me as I’m a little afraid to make a public video. Just know that from my soul to yours. You will be blessed for this act of unconditional kindness. I never thought my ginormous dreams would become a reality so soon and at the hand of others, but with your support I can now take the steps needed to build a better future. Because of you this dark world has a lot more light in it.
Not to preach at you or push spirituality at you. That being said I pray that you gain real fulfillment in your life. I don’t know you but I love you. It’s weird to some people but whatever, I believe we are one people so if I love myself therefore I love you. We’ve been taught that what we do unto others, we receive in return.

A great teacher of mine has said “All forms of pain, suffering, illness or financial chaos are there to promote spiritual growth and character change.” We are the change. You are this change. We stand together side by side in truth and know love trumps hate. Blessings to you may your light continue to break through the darkness.