Trump Soho Hotel

Trump Soho Hotel
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In NYC for a day and staying at the Trump Soho Hotel (Michael was offered a free stay here).

Terrific hotel, I have to say.  The staff is very nice and professional.  The room is immaculate.

One of the fab touches: the TV remote can control all the lights, temperature and curtains in the room.  You don’t have to get out of bed for practically anything.

When we got back last night, we heard music and headed into the small club attached to the hotel, Kastel.  It was fairly empty when we walked in.  We decided to have a cocktail and while sitting in the loud dance music – great DJ by the way – the place filled up with about 30 party goers.  In my mind, I flattered myself that word got out we were there 🙂

Cool club, and loving being in SoHo for a day or so…