Trump Inauguration Draws Smaller TV Ratings Than Obama

 Will Variety will be the next “target” of a Trump tweet?

The venerable tome of all things entertainment shared the Nielsen ratings for the Trumpster’s inauguration, and although White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters yesterday it was the “most watched” of any inaugural event, it turns out that’s just not true.

It seems The Donald drew a respectable 30.6 million viewers when you add up the numbers for the 12 networks that broadcast the event.

In 2009, President Obama had 37.7 million watch his swearing in to the office of president.

The highest rated inauguration, back when there were only three networks to choose anything from, was Ronald Reagan’s in 1981.

The top 5 inaugurations, according to Nielsen:

1. Ronald Reagan (1981) 41.8 million

2. Barack Obama (2009) 37.7 million

3. Jimmy Carter (1977) 34.1 million

4. Richard Nixon (1973) 33 million

5. Donald Trump (2017) 30.6 million

Mind you, I really don’t care much. But since Trump obsesses about “his numbers” so much, watch for the media to report on it.