True Blood: Straight character to turn gay

True Blood: Straight character to turn gay

A new twist in the upcoming TRUE BLOOD season was revealed today:

From Perhaps no transformation in the show’s colorful history will come as quite as great a shock as the one that we find out about during the HBO hit’s ferociously anticipated fourth season, premiering June 26: A major character, heretofore heterosexual, will be involved in a same-sex romance.

True Blood has never shied away from exploring its characters’ fluid sexuality. Last season alone found Sam fantasizing about a roll in the hay with Bill, and a hidden agenda motive prompted Eric to seduce Talbot (before whacking him). And, of course, there’s resident bisexual Pam and openly gay Lafayette, the latter of whom is now settled down with Jesus.

Btw – take no inference from the picture posted above as to what character may “play gay.”  I just like the actor, and any reason to post the pic is good enough for me.

We’ll have to see how this plays out.