Trailer: “Test”

TEST, by writer/director Chris Mason Johnson, premieres at the Seattle International Film Festival on June 7, 2013.

From the film’s official website:

TEST is a poignant, powerful story of friendship and hope in a time of crisis, set in the San Francisco modern dance scene of 1985 in the early years of the AIDS epidemic: when headlines threatened a gay quarantine, when nobody knew for certain how the disease spread, when dancers were afraid to touch each other because they might get it from sweat…

The early history of the epidemic is big and complicated, and there are untold stories that frame the subject in a different light and need to be heard now as well.

TEST is one of these.

I was just beginning my career as a dancer in 1985, and I remember the fear and whispers at the time. A sad and dark period for a sad and dark issue.

For tickets to the premiere, click here.