Trailer: “Sesame Street” On HBO

Sesame Street comes to HBO this January

I was watching HBO this weekend and saw this trailer for Sesame Street, and completely forgot that HBO had stepped in to partner with the legendary children’s show.

From what I understand, Sesame Workshop has a five year deal with HBO which will help the Street produce twice as much content each year and at the same time allow HBO to widen it’s children’s programming.

The show will still appear on PBS free of charge, with the new shows available after a nine month delay.

Apparently, in the past, PBS’ funding only provided for about 10% of the show’s budget. The rest was made up via DVD sales and other merchandising. But with the advent of streaming and online video, some of that funding has begun to dry up.

This 46th season of the show will welcome, as always, big stars. Look for folks like Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Pharrell, Gwen Stefani and more.

Sesame Street comes to HBO January 16.

Tina Fey (L)

Jon Hamm (R)

(h/t JMG)