“Toothless Racist” Apologizes For Traffic Rant Claiming Bi-Polar Condition

“Toothless Racist” Apologizes For Traffic Rant Claiming Bi-Polar Condition
Charles Geier

Janet Sabriu was driving to her polling station in Houston last week when an angry, middle-aged gay Trump supporter pulled alongside her at a traffic light and began spewing racist, misogynistic slurs.

“You’re driving in two lanes, you stupid b*tch!” the man screams. “That’s not how we drive in America. Trump’s deporting your stupid cousins today, b*tch!”

Somehow, Sabriu, an American citizen, remained calm and asked the man if he had voted yet.

“B*tch – learn English, b*tch,” the man continued. “It’s my country, b*tch, get out!”

“You’re ugly, you need a gay friend to help you with makeup and clothes,” he continued as Sabriu’s young daughter sat in the backseat listening to his tirade. “Ugly b*tch – ugly tacky stinky skanky b*tch!”

Throughout the incident the racist laughed with a cackle that you would expect to hear coming from the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.

Watch below.

This being 2018, the hideous man (dubbed the “toothless racist” on Twitter) was quickly identified by social media users as Charles Geier, a 58-year-old gay man.

Sabriu told local news station KHOU that she has filed a police report against Geier.

“We have to stop all of this hate,” Sabriu told the station. “Speak up. Don’t be afraid. That’s the only way that we can stop all this hate is just showing and exposing the people because I think the majority [are] good people that don’t want this to continue.”

According to a new study released by Pew Research Center last week, nearly four-in-ten Latinos have experienced harassing incidents since the Trump administration launched a tougher stance on immigration enforcement.

On Saturday, Geier spoke to local ABC News affiliate KTRK using the name “Kevin” saying he’s ‘received death threats.’

Geier apologized saying, “All I want to say to her is ‘Miss, I’m so sorry, I hope you can understand more and I wish you nothing more than love and happiness for your family.”

Geier told KTRK that he takes full responsibility, “I reacted in a poor manner, I said things that were offensive that I shouldn’t have said, but what I want people to know is that I suffer from bi-polar disorder. It’s very real, it’s not a joke, it’s not an excuse.”

“Toothless Racist” Apologizes For Traffic Rant Claiming Bi-Polar Condition

And speaking of excuses, Twitter had no patience for Geier and his hate.