Tony Perkins daring the IRS to go after politically active churches

“Some Americans could use a sermon on politics — and yesterday, they
got one! More than 1,400 pastors joined Pulpit Freedom Sunday,
challenging the IRS’s rules on what churches can and can’t say about
elections. The project, part of Alliance Defending Freedom’s outreach,
was first introduced to FRC’s pastors network in 2008. Since then, the
number of churches involved has absolutely exploded, making yesterday’s
event the most successful yet. ADF launched the initiative in hopes of
challenging a 1954 tax code called the Johnson Amendment, which bans
tax-exempt organizations from making political endorsements. ‘The
purpose is to make sure that the pastor and not the IRS decides what is
said from the pulpit,’ said ADF’s Erik Stanley. If the IRS does take
action on the thousands of recorded sermons that will be flooding its
offices from yesterday, one thing’s for sure. ADF will be ready!” –
Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.