Tom Hanks’ son tweets shirtless pics – nice!

Actor Tom Hanks’ son Chester, an aspiring rapper who goes by Chet Haze, was so sexy?

He tweeted two shirtless photos of himself on Sunday.

The first image was sent out with the message, “Ladies…This is for you, “ followed by the posting of the second image and the message, “Ok ladies one more ;).”

Though the images were initially intended for his female fans, several gay sites shared the photos, prompting Haze to post a follow-up comment. “Yo, Shout out to ALL my fans– both straight and gay… #humbled but just so you know I’m straight lmao ok ThankYou.”

A later tweet said this: “Anybody who harbors resentment for Gay/Lesbian people is not only ignorant but truly living in the past. It’s all love– get wit the program”

Hanks is in the process of booking a 15-venue tour.