Today Is The 27th National Coming Out Day

Today Is The 27th National Coming Out Day

Come out, come out, wherever you are… 🙂

Whether it’s for the first time ever or the first time today, the experience of coming out and living openly covers the full spectrum of human emotion — from fear to euphoria.

Coming out — whether it is as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or allied — is a deeply personal journey for each individual.

If you’re out – be proud.

If you’re an LGBT ally – show your support.

And if you think you’re ready to come out, just know there’s a whole world ready to accept you exactly as you are.

Click here to find resources that may help address fears and concerns of coming out.

And, I want to add, I’ve been honored by readers over the years who have reached out to me to come out. Even if as their first step. Folks can always email me here at The Randy Report with questions or thoughts about the coming out process. I may not be a clinical psychologist, but I know a few things about owning who you are 🙂