Today in shady doings…

A New Jersey jury unanimously decided that Americo Lopes had cheated his coworkers out of their share of a $38.5 Mega Millions jackpot lottery pool on Wednesday.

The panel rejected the 52-year-old’s claims that he had won the jackpot on a personal ticket and not with the ticket that he had bought as part of the lottery pool.

Attorney Rubin Sinins, who represented the five men, said each was awarded $4 million because the jackpot was worth $24 million after Lopes chose the cash option.

The men began playing the lottery together in 2007 while they worked for Berto Construction Inc.

When Lopes hit the Mega Millions Jackpot in Nov. 2009, he told his boss he wouldn’t be returning because he needed foot surgery, which he never reportedly received. He also filed for unemployment benefits after claiming the $17,433,966 prize after taxes.