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TLC’s “Married By Mom And Dad” Looking To Feature LGBT Family

The TLC series “Married By Mom And Dad” (in which parents helped their son or daughter find a husband or wife) is back for Season Two, and the producers want to make the show even more diversity by featuring an LGBT family – whether that be LGBT parents helping their adult child find love, or a LGBT child asking their straight parents to help.

From TLC:

Did you ever think about using your parent’s expertise (After all, who knows you better than them?) to help you find the match of your dreams? Well TLC’s hit show “Married By Mom and Dad” is here to help!

Your parents will help you meet great potential matches, and THEY decide who is the best match for YOU! If you’ve been having trouble getting hitched by yourself, why not see if it works out with someone your parents choose instead?

If you are interested in finding out more, please submit the following to MBMDS2@gmail.com:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Location (City and State)
4. A Recent Photo of Yourself
5. A brief paragraph describing your dating troubles and why now is the time for you to get married. Also, please describe your personality and what you are up to in your life these days, including your occupation and social life.