Throwback Thursday: 3rd Grade

Front row, 2nd from right

So, I don’t do many #ThrowbackThursday things because I never think to go find something.

But recently I was moving some boxes and came across of picture of me in 3rd Grade.  Why on earth I would have this still after moving all over the world…?

But, honestly, it’s pretty cool to see these faces all these years later.  Friends of mine from Fort Worth days feel free to chime in a identify folks.

I think I’m standing next to Stephen Phillips, who would be one of my future best friends through Texas Boys Choir days – note the crossed arms – a rebel even then.  On the other side of me might be Randy MilliganSecond row – second from left is Leanne Price, my girlfriend of elementary school years.  I’m pretty sure that’s Ricky Moore looking away in the third row.  All the way at the end of that row on the left is Steve someone – I just remember he was always the smartest kid in class.

Mrs. Anderson was the teacher.  Kinda famous for being tough.  But I remember not so bad once we were there.

In any case, there you go.  I should note my instinct for pulling focus even then by wearing red…  That would serve me well later 🙂