Then And Now Pics Of Gay Couple Kissing 24 Years Apart Goes Viral

Then And Now Pics Of Gay Couple Kissing 24 Years Apart Goes Viral

Together for 25 years, married couple Kurt English and Nick Cardello shared via social media two photos of the couple kissing – taken 24 years apart.

The first was taken in front of the National Mall on April 25, 1993, at the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. They had been dating a year at that point.

The couple legally married in Massachusetts in 2008, and when same-sex marriage was recognized federally in 2015, they exchanged vows again that year in their home state of Florida. They say they’ve promoted LGBTQ rights and acceptance by being out and proud in their daily lives, and taking part in events like the 1993 and 2017 marches.

Fast forward 24 years as the couple attended the recent Equality March for Unity & Pride in Washington D.C. A friend encouraged the couple to recreate the earlier photo, and after posting the pics side by side, found themselves going viral.

“I only posted the photo on my Facebook page after the march. It took off from there,” Cardello told LGBTQ Nation. “Someone else copied it to Twitter, Instagram & Reddit. That’s when it really took off. A reporter from Brazil said it had over a million likes there.”

Cardello added, “The youth needs to see that it is possible to find a loving partner, and that the relationship can last,” he said, noting that portrayals of same-sex couples growing old together are rare. “A loving partner can be a difficult thing to find, once you do you must protect it and nurture it.”

I couldn’t agree more. Hot hubby Michael and I have been together since October 1994, and often hear from other LGBTs wonder where longevity in a relationship comes from. I’m no expert, but I’m sure Kurt and Nick would agree honesty is one of the key ingredients to long term relationships.

Congrats to the handsome couple! Here’s to 25 years more!

The viral sensation even inspired other couples to share their own then and now pics as well.