The new MySpace

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.
Justin Timberlake, with a group of investors, bought the tired MySpace and has given it a complete revamp.

From MTV News:

With an interface that looks a bit like Facebook-meets-Instagram, with hints of Pinterest and Windows 8, we watch as Croft clicks through his photos and then his “Mixes,” which include a series of playlists organized under such headings as songs with rain in the title, songs to play while you’re downtown and a list with just cover tunes.

The “Jake’s Housewarming” playlist, for instance, features songs by M.I.A., Lykke Li, Daft Punk and the Cure, along with a gallery of photos from the event.

The “Connections” tab takes you to a photo gallery of your Myspace friends, with, ahem, a big photo of Timberlake and a plug for his new movie, “Trouble With the Curve.”

It looks cool. And Timberlake brings the cool quotient up.

What do you think? MySpace going to fly again?