The Late Late Show: “Carpool Karaoke” With JLo

James Corden and The Late Late Show have another homerun “Carpool Karaoke” as Jennifer Lopez joins Corden for a ride.

Via Vanity Fair:

This Jennifer Lopez iteration, which aired last night, is a very good one. Lopez—always appealing—is especially relaxed and on point here (highlights include the harmonizing between the two on Lopez’s “Booty,” as well a brief interlude where Lopez shows Corden how to pose for a “J.Lo music video”).

Lopez also knows how to skillfully weave in tidbits to entice the gossip-hungry masses. She reveals to Corden exactly how many men have proposed marriage to her, and how she handled turning down the two she did.

But the centerpiece, for sure, is when, toward the clip’s end, Corden texts Leonardo DiCaprio from Lopez’s phone (“Hey baby, I’m kind of feeling like I need to cut loose any suggestions? Let me know, J.Lo (you know, from the block)” he writes) . . . and, improbably, DiCaprio responds—in delightful fashion.