The Artist’s Challenge – Day Two

Day Two of the Artists Challenge – (For 5 days, 1 post each day, 1pic or several pics or video of your artistic journey so far. Each day nominate 2 people to join).

I have to include my first Broadway show – HELLO, DOLLY! with the incredible Carol Channing. I joke with folks that practically every show I ever went after I never got. And then the incredible blessing that happened were things I never dreamed of. DOLLY was one of those.

The show had been cast for months, but a week before rehearsals were to start one male dancer got a Broadway show (DOLLY was set to tour for a year before coming into NYC). I went to the audition – something like 120 guys were there. One spot available. They taught one combination and cut to 30. I was kept. We did another combination, they cut to 15. I was kept again. It was here that I heard they needed someone 6 foot something because they’d started costumes and the guy was that tall. Clearly – I am not. I went in to sing thinking “I’m so not getting this” so I threw caution to the wind and just sang. I went home and considered how I was going to have to wait tables again for the first time in four years. The call came within an hour.

Thank you Lee Roy Reams for the amazing gift that is DOLLY. It was a wonderful family. In 22 months no one left the show. We all loved what we were doing.

I ended up handling choreography duties for the post-Bway tour and have done something like 9 productions since. Oh – and I should mention that DOLLY (like a good matchmaker) introduced me to my husband, Michael Caprio. We’ve been together over 20 years. Can you ask more of a Broadway debut?

I’m second from the left in the Waiters Gallop pic below – please note the pulled up feet 🙂