Texas Supreme Court: No Inherent Right To Marriage Benefits For Same-Sex Couples

Texas Supreme Court: No Inherent Right To Marriage Benefits For Same-Sex Couples

The Texas Supreme Court ruled today that just because the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell decision made same-sex marriage legal across the country, that doesn’t mean a guarantee of equal spousal benefits.

Which is bullshit.

From the American-Statesman:

A unanimous Texas Supreme Court concluded Friday that there is no established right to government-provided spousal benefits in same-sex marriages.

The 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that established the right to same-sex marriage did not decide all marriage-related matters, leaving room for state courts to explore the decision’s “reach and ramifications,” the all-Republican Texas court said.

Supporters of gay marriage have vowed to appeal such a ruling to the federal courts, arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court clearly stated that all marriages must be treated equally.

“The Texas Supreme Court’s decision this morning is a warning shot to all LGBTQ Americans that the war on marriage equality is ever-evolving, and anti-LGBTQ activists will do anything possible to discriminate against our families,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, president and the advocacy group GLAAD.

There are 9 Republicans and zero Democrats on the Texas Supreme Court.

To be clear, there is no ambiguity regarding the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality. Married same-sex couples are due the exact rights, privileges and benefits as opposite-sex married couples.

The SCOTUS Obergefell v. Hodges ruling clearly says the Constitution “entitles same-sex couples to civil marriage ‘on the same terms and conditions as opposite-sex couples.’”

This week alone the U.S. Supreme Court slapped the state of Arkansas for trying to deny same-sex parents’ right to have both their names on a child’s birth certificate. And, SCOTUS did so without even hearing arguments.