Texas inmate admits assault on fellow-inmate was hate crime

Last December, Texas prison inmate John Hall attacked another inmate
because his victim appeared to be gay.

Today, the Justice Department
announced that Hall pleaded guilty of violating the Matthew Shepard and
Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the national law against
targeting someone for their perceived sexual orientation or gender

Via press release:

According to information presented during the plea hearing, Hall
targeted the victim, a fellow inmate, because of the victim’s perceived
sexual orientation. Hall admitted that he assaulted the victim because
of his perceived sexual orientation by repeatedly punching and kicking
the victim while calling the victim gay slurs.  The victim sustained
multiple lacerations to his face, and chipped and fractured teeth as a
result of Hall’s unprovoked attack. The assault occurred inside the
Federal Correctional Institution, which is within the special maritime
or territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

Another ten years could be tacked on to Hall’s current prison time.

(via Towleroad)