Texas Congressman Weeps While Begging God To Forgive America For Marriage Equality

Oh, lord.

Republican Congressman Randy Weber became a weepy, crying mess on Wednesday night as he begged God to forgive America for allowing gay couples to get married.

Speaking at the annual “Washington – A Man of Prayer” event in Washington, D.C., Weber repeatedly got all teary-eyed while begging God to forgive America for the sins of marriage equality and abortion.

“We have endeavored to try and kick your word out of public schools.

“Father, we have endeavored to take the Bible out of classrooms, the Ten Commandments off the walls. Oh, Lord, forgive us. Father, we think we’re so smart, we have replaced your word and your precepts with drug-sniffing dogs, with metal detectors, with uniformed police officers in our schools. Oh, Lord, forgive us.

“Father, we have trampled on your holy institution of holy matrimony and tried to rewrite what it is and we’ve called it an alternate lifestyle. Father, oh Father, please forgive us.

“Lord, we have gone to killing the most innocent amongst.

“Your servant Moses warned in Deuteronomy 19 for us to choose life so that we and all our descendants might live. Father, we’re killing our descendants and we’re calling it a choice. Oh, God in heaven, forgive us, please.”

Watch the weeping below: