Tennessee: State GOP Uses Gay Couple’s Wedding Photo In Attack Ad

Tennessee: State GOP Uses Gay Couple’s Wedding Photo In Attack Ad

A gay couple in Tennessee were surprised recently to find their wedding photo being used in a political attack ad by the Tennessee Republican Party.

The couple’s ceremony was officiated by the Democratic candidate for State Senate District 14, Gayle Jordan, and the state GOP party used the photo without permission.

The couple, Shane Morgan and his husband Landon, are private citizens and they feel the attack ad is using their wedding illegally.

After years in the Air Force and enduring the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” years, Morgan says wearing his wedding ring has deep personal meaning. “More than words can say,” Morgan said.

After nine years together, the couple married this past December.

The photo was taken from Jordan’s Facebook page where she had posted the pic with the joking caption, “Doing my part to destroy the fabric of American society.”

The attack ad features the picture with the text, “Liberal Gayle Jordan will ‘destroy the fabric of American society.’ Take her word for it.”

According to the Nashville NBC affiliate, the state GOP organization says the comment is very serious and the mailer has nothing to do with the couple.

Morgan and his husband have hired attorney Sunny Eaton of Eastside Legal, who asserts her clients’ privacy has been violated and they have been exploited for political purposes.