TBT: Liza Minnelli ‘Don’t Drop Bombs’

Liza Minnelli in 'Don't Drop Bombs'
Liza Minnelli in ‘Don’t Drop Bombs’

For a little #ThrowBackThursday action, I was reminded of this music video from EGOT legend Liza Minnelli.

Jumping into some new wave pop synth vibes with the oh-so-awesome Pet Shop Boys in 1989, Liza totally landed the new sound.

‘Don’t Drop Bombs’ was the second single from her album, Results.

Plus, Liza pulled off the new stylish look, which shocked some longtime Liza fans.

The musical collaborations with PSB hit the bulls-eye with unerring ease. I love this.

p.s. the legendary Liza turns 75 tomorrow. HB, Miss Minnelli.