Tawny Heatherton’s long lost music video “Run Crazy Man”

From David Drake’s recent sold-out run of “My Tawny Valentine” – Tawny’s 1985 Euro Disco smash “Run Crazy Man.” Go Tawny!

For those who haven’t kept up, “Tawny Heatherton” is the brilliant David Drake’s newest theatrical creation. The niece of 70s icon Joey Heatherton, Tawny is still following butterflies and rainbows. She may get a bit lost every now and then, but her public finds her.

How could anyone top the lyric “paper or plastic? both are fantastic…”

Directed by Ned Stresen-Reuter
Music by Trevor Kuprel
Styling by Christopher Mathieson
Featuring Tawny’s back-up boys, Aaron Tone & J.Stephen Brantley
Announcer: Joseph Addeo