Target loses case against Canvass For A Cause

Target loses case against Canvass For A Cause

From San Diego Gay & Lesbian News: Target Corporation lost it’s lawsuit trying to stop Canvass For A Cause from speaking to customers outside it’s stores.

Judge Barton, in his decision, said Target failed to show sufficient evidence that the retailer’s business was suffering as a result of the petitioners.

During the hearing last month, the judge asked Target’s attorneys why Target’s court documents did not offer concrete evidence to back their allegations that CFAC volunteers were harassing customers and driving away business.

Tres Watson, executive director of Canvass For A Cause, said after the hearing that all his volunteers are trained on how to properly speak with customers outside stores such as Target, Ralphs and Vons.

During the hearing, Target’s attorneys tried to persuade the judge to rule on their behalf because they had won 121 cases in Superior Court to stop groups from talking to customers outside their stores in California. The judge seemed unimpressed, Watson said at the time.

“It’s hard to read the tea leaves,” Watson said in March, but noted that Target won those 121 cases because nobody defended their cases. “They bring out their million-dollar lawyers and go after grass-root groups that don’t have a lot of money. It’s always a David vs. Goliath situation.”

Watson says the lawsuit is another black eye for Target with the LGBT community. CFAC supports gay marriage, among other issues, and one of Target’s court documents complains that the corporation fears its customers will think Target supports same-sex marriage as a result.