News Round-Up: October 30, 2019

Ramses Principe (image via Instagram)

Some news items you might have missed:

InstaHunks: Ripped AF Ramses Principe (above) is staring down Hump Day like a Boss!

OUT: Despite the beautiful monologue by the father at the end of the coming of age film, Call Me By Your Name, author Andre Aciman says he never intended to imply Elio’s dad was gay.

Twitter: Don’t forget – Game 7 of the World Series takes place tonight. Will the Houston Astros make it their second title in three years, or will the Washington Nationals bring it home for the very first time? You know I love baseball…

• C&C: You may have heard about GoFundMe crowdfunding campaigns, but how about ‘ComeF*ckMe’ fundraising? A Twitter user shared a screen capture of a Grindr chat inviting someone to an orgy, but there was a $50 entrance fee. Turns out the event was to raise money to help the families of two victims of a shooting incident pay funeral costs. #ok…

NPR: New numbers from the Commerce Department show the economy lost steam during the summer and early fall. GDP, the broadest measure of economic activity, grew at an annual rate of just 1.9% during the third quarter. That’s a deceleration from the lackluster second quarter when GDP grew at a 2% pace.

Morning Consult: As the primary season edges closer and closer, the lead many Democratic White House hopefuls held over Donald Trump in hypothetical match-ups is tightening according to Morning Consult polling.

(image via Morning Consult)

Boos & Chants Of ‘Lock Him Up’ Greet Donald Trump At World Series

Donald Trump attends game 5 of the World Series (screen capture)

Donald Trump attended the 5th game of the World Series in Washington, D.C. but as Peter Baker of the New York Times writes, “For Trump, there was no joy in Mudville.”

In his first appearance at a Major League Baseball game since taking office, Mr. Trump was not invited to throw the first pitch when he showed up Sunday night at Game 5 between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. Instead, when he was shown on the stadium’s large screen, the crowd booed robustly and began chanting, “Lock him up!” In the upper decks, fans held up a giant “Impeach Trump!” banner.

Mr. Trump entered the stadium to no fanfare around 8 p.m., just minutes before the opening pitch. Fans who happened to see him booed. He was not introduced to the crowd until after the third inning when he was shown on the screen during the portion of the game when the crowd is asked to cheer for military veterans.

Juxtaposing his introduction with that of the popular veterans did nothing to prevent the crowd from expressing its view of the president. Mr. Trump, who rarely exposes himself to hostile crowds, stood, smiled gamely and clapped as the fans booed loudly.

Needless to say, the Donald left before the game was over.

More from the Twitterverse:

p.s. Trump brought no good luck with him as the Nationals lost to the Houston Astros 7-1. Astros are now one game away from winning the World Series for the second time in three years.

Transgender Activists Surprise With Pro-Trans Banner At World Series

During last night’s final game of the World Series, transgender activists somehow snuck a huge banner that read “Trans people deserve to live” into Dodger Stadium and unfurled the massive message during the game.

According to CBS News, the moment was planned by members of the TransLatin@ Coalition, a Los Angeles-based activist organization that advocates for the rights of transgender Latinx people.

It won’t surprise you to learn that Fox Sports didn’t show the sign or its removal on the air.

By the way, the Boston Red Sox clinched the Series by winning the game 5-1. This marks the 4th Series title in 14 years for the Red Sox.

A Facebook video of two activists unfurling the banner was uploaded by The TransLatina Coalition. According to The Los Angeles Blade, the two activists in the video were identified as Bamby Salcedo and Maria Roman.

“Our message tonight was to let the world know that we as Trans people deserved to be humanized, acknowledged and valued,” said Salcedo, according to the Blade.


Chicago Cubs Win World Series In Dramatic 10th Inning Victory

I’m no sports writer, but my father was. I can tell you this was thrilling to watch.

Tied at the end of 9 innings in game 7, the win in the 10th was heart stopping.

And by the way…

Did you know – that in the years that the World Series went to Game 7 in presidential election years, when the National League won (Cubs), the party in the White House retained the presidency??? #YES

And if you needed just one more reason to be thrilled, how about Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta?

And then there’s this:

NY Mets Collapse In World Series After Anti-Gay Daniel Murphy Makes Error In The 12th Inning

Doug Mills/NY Times

After becoming a postseason hero with homer after homer, NY Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy made an error on a ground ball hit by Paulo Orlando in the 12th inning of Game 5.

Following that mistake, the Kansas City Royals, leading by 3-2 at the time, went on to score four more runs, ultimately winning the World Series in five games.

The final score was Royals 7, Mets 2 in 12 innings.

Murphy had become a hero of another kind during the series – his anti-gay comments from last spring came back to light and he was hailed by the haters of Teabagistan.

But today, the baseball “god” becomes the goat.

Ellen Predicts The World Series With Shirtless Male Strippers

Shirtless male strippers collect money on ELLEN to predict the World Series

Ellen comes up with a “super-scientific” way to predict the winner of the World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals.

And I like it.

Whichever guys collects the most money in their shorts before the music ends will be the team to win the World Series.

Guess which team is predicted to win via Ellen’s “super-scientific” method?

Of course, as Ellen notes, we are all winners for watching.

p.s. all money raised during the bit goes towards breast cancer research. Go Ellen!

Red Sox caught on obstruction call

I’m pulling for Boston, but you can see Will Middlebrooks gets in the way during a wild throw in the bottom of the 9th inning.

The city of Boston and the Red Sox were left frustrated, confused and angry by an unprecedented and wild finish to the game against the St Louis Cardinals on Saturday night.

In 109 years, no World Series game has ended with an obstruction call. But this one was decided by the controversial ruling against Boston third baseman Will Middlebrooks. This allowed Cardinals runner Allen Craig to score with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning and lifted St. Louis over Boston 5-4 for a 2-1 edge.

Both sets of players and fans were left in shock.