Nyle DiMarco’s Christmas Tweet Goes Viral As Superstar Joins In

‘Dancing with the Stars’ champ Nyle DiMarco (image via Instagram)

Just in time for Christmas, Dancing with the Stars and America’s Next Top Model champ Nyle DiMarco saw his 2019 hit its peak when a favorite celeb chimed in on his Twitter.

As a member of the Deaf Community, the dashing DiMarco is a big advocate for American Sign Language (ASL). It’s estimated that there are 70 million Deaf people in the world, but only two percent have access to education in sign language leaving millions without the education they need.

DiMarco often shares some phrases of ASL with his Twitter followers to encourage more people to learn the visual language.

Two days ago, he began a thread showing folks how to sign the title of Mariah Carey’s blockbuster holiday hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

The ASL challenge was Nyle’s way of celebrating Mariah’s newly-anointed 19th No. 1 single for its 25th anniversary this holiday season. And he asked folks to video themselves signing the phrase and post it on the thread.

Next thing you know, Nyle is getting videos from all over the United States and around the world.

Even Hollywood stars like Lea Thompson, Daniel Dae Kim, Chella Man and Marlee Matlin played along:

But then, Mariah herself took note of the viral Twitter-fest:

And Nyle’s mind was officially blown:

The actor/activist was still in a giving mood as he shared his last mirror selfie for the decade:

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the last mirror selfie of the decade 🚀🤟🏼

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Dating Apps: Is It Wrong To Ask ‘Are You Masculine?’

An exchange between two gay men chatting on a dating app has gone viral and sparked a huge conversation about ‘masculinity’ and gender expression.

Facebook user Ethan Jeremiah posted a screen capture of the quick conversation on his Facebook page on September 7. It’s not clear if Jeremiah was part of the actual chat as the image has been shared several times across the inter-webs.

In the chat, the first person inquires, “Are you a masculine guy?”

The second person responds with a question: “What would you define as masculine? Lol.”

“Not a flaming gay queen lol,” says the first guy.

Guy number two didn’t seem to care for that definition which was termed as ‘toxic masculinity’ by some commenters.

“I have too much going on in my life to worry about how someone perceives my personality based on heteronormative ideas of gender expression,” read his response. “I just am. I’m not worried about masculinity or femininity nor do I really care where I fall in line with someone else’s perception of those things.”

The comments on the post were wide-ranging:

“Best answer ever.”

“ Your clapback was everything.”

“So savage, yet so eloquent.”

“Some people’s idea of masculinity is another person’s “Hey, gurl!”

“I don’t mean to be that guy, and I respect everyone no matter how they act or sound. But I’m gay. I like dudes. I like dudes that sound like dudes. If i wanted to date someone who sounded feminine id date a girl.”

Another Facebook account shared the screen cap and the comments were just as varied:


“So you’re fem and dramatic. Got it”

“No one is masc , give that bitch a couple drinks and put on some Beyoncé. The queen always comes out.”

“Anyone who asks that question has zero self confidence.”

And this comment took the author to task for having language skills: “First of all, you apparently don’t have much going on in your life if you have that much of a vocabulary. Secondly, I sympathize with the guy asking about being masculine. I’d rather not be with a ‘flaming queen’ either.”

The conversation took several turns as some felt the “masculine/flaming guy queen” comment was out of bounds, while others gave the first guy props for “knowing what he’s looking for.”

This all got me to wondering about ‘social etiquette’ on dating apps – was the initial question off-base? Or was the response addressing ‘gender expression’ over-the-top?

(lead image via Depositphotos)

Dad’s Twitter Rant Defending His 5-Year-Old Son Goes Viral

Aaron Gouveia and son, Sam (image via Twitter)

A proud father posted an epic Twitter rant that went viral after his five-year-old son, Sam, was the victim of bullying and ‘toxic masculinity.’

Aaron Gouveia is the proud dad of three sons.

His middle boy, Sam, who Aaron calls a ‘boy’s boy,’ likes all kinds of things. For instance, he’s big on fishing, dirt, trucks and knee drops on the couch.

Sam also likes some ‘girl things,’ like collecting purses because “he likes to carry things around,” and wearing polish on his nails because they “look beautiful.”

I think Sam has great taste in colors, too.

Sam recently wore his red nail polish to kindergarten.

His dad says Sam has “absolutely no concept of nail polish only being for girls or reason to think anyone would possibly have a problem with beautiful nails.”

I’m with you there, Aaron. Sam is rocking that red!

But Sam’s classmates apparently have no sense of individuality or self-expression.

According to Aaron, Sam was “ridiculed for being a boy with nail polish.”

The kids called Sam names all day long and told him he should take it off.

Sam was extremely upset and crying when his mom picked him up from school.

Sam couldn’t understand why the kids made fun of him and was “devastated at how the other kids turned on him.”

When Aaron got a call at work from Sam, who was still crying, dad told him that “his nails are BADASS!” and the only thing Sam should care about is whether HE likes his nails.

I’m liking Aaron more and more here, folks.

But Aaron’s heart broke when Sam asked if his mom would remove the nail polish so the kids at school wouldn’t make fun on him anymore.

Noting Sam’s “huge heart,” Aaron shared his pride that his son has never been afraid to be different because “different has never meant ‘bad.’”

Aaron also pointed out that “this toxic masculinity bullshit is LEARNED,” and learned from parents.

Aaron shared that he and his wife have spent years “preaching tolerance, acceptance, and the importance of expression,” but in just a single day Sam’s classmates were able to teach Sam ‘shame.’

Dad had a long talk with his son, and the upshot was Sam should not only keep wearing his nail polish, but it should be “an even brighter shade tomorrow.”

He also told Sam he should ask the kids why the nail polish got them so wound up.

Alright! Go Aaron, go!

Aaron went on to tell the Twitterverse that his son “is a goddamn fireworks show of a human being” and he had no intention of Sam’s light being diminished by “restrictive bullshit” like this.

Aaron for ‘Dad of the Year!’

Dad also rightfully pointed out to Sam that lots of guys like “Thor & Capt. Jack Sparrow” wear nail polish.

He even threw New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski in the mix, although he wasn’t too sure of Gronk.

More importantly, though, Aaron told Sam that what other people think doesn’t matter because “what you wear and how you look should make YOU look good.”


Not only did Sam decide to leave his nail polish on, his 10-year-old brother painted HIS nails in solidarity.

You know what happened next – Aaron decided to pain HIS nails as well.

Even though the shade, chosen by Sam, is a bit “understated,” dad liked it.

But Sam is sticking with his bright red because “it’s pretty and good luck for the Patriots.”

Aaron wrapped up his Twitter thread saying that even though “intolerant parents and their offspring scored a minor victory,” they would not “win the war.”

Dad signed off with a shout-out to his man, Sam, letting him know he always has his back.

This reminds me of the popular internet meme – “This is Aaron and Sam. They don’t care about other people’s rigid, intolerant views. Be like Aaron and Sam.”

Now, if Rob Gronkowski would just chime in with a pic of his nails painted red, that might just break the internet.

Going Viral: NYC Police Officer’s LGBT Pride Facebook Post Inspires Thousands

I commented somewhere recently that while I do sometimes post stories of what seems like bad judgement by a handful of police officers, I don’t hate cops. One of my best friends was a police officer for two decades.

I know there are great cops in the world. And just to prove it, here’s one now.

A New York City police officers’ Facebook post from Sunday, wherein he shares the pic above and the message below, has gone viral.

Going only by “Big Fat Loser,” (the officer chronicles his weight loss on the account), he writes:

I’ll be out there working at Pridefest today wearing this shirt under my uniform for a lot of reasons.
For my step brother.
For my priest.
For my aunts who died before they could be legally married.
For my cousin.
For all of the cops I have worked with over the years, including one of the best partner’s I’ve ever shared a sector car with.
For my classmate in High School who’s parents made him sleep in a tent in his yard.
For the man who cried on my shoulder about losing his partner on 9/11.
For every call I went to where someone got kicked out of their house or who’s family just didn’t understand.
For anyone who’s had to hide who they are.
I’ve got your back.
Love is Love.
#loveislove #pride #pride🌈 #prideparade #nypd #igotyou #freehugs

(h/t JoeMyGod)

Viral: “How New Yorkers Deal With Swastikas On The Subway”

Going viral across social media today. Shared over 256,000 times on Facebook alone.

From Gregory Locke:

I got on the subway in Manhattan on Saturday night, February 4, only to find a Swastika on every advertisement and every window. The train was silent as everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do.

One guy got up and said, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol.” He found some tissues and got to work.

I’ve never seen so many people simultaneously reach into their bags and pockets looking for tissues and Purell.

Within about two minutes, all the Nazi symbolism was gone.

Nazi symbolism. On a public train. In New York City. In 2017.

“I guess this is Trump’s America,” said one passenger.

No sir, it’s not. Not tonight and not ever. Not as long as stubborn New Yorkers have anything to say about it.

Melbourne: Photo Of Gay Couple Holding Hands, Facing The World, Goes Viral

Photographer Chris Cincotta’s photo of a gay couple holding hands in Melbourne has gone viral as a symbol of gay love facing the world.

From the Humans In Melbourne Facebook page, Cincotta writes:

I was sitting in Centre Place when a couple who were clearly in love walked by. They were laughing with each other, holding hands and they looked like they were in their own little world. Which is exactly how love should be. I chased after them…

Their names were Tim and Brendan.

I asked the two gentleman to pose for me in this photo to show what would happen to those around them if gay marriage was legalised in Australia… Nothing. Zip. Zero.

Life would continue on exactly for everyone else as it does now and nobody would be effected except the two Humans who are so in love.


Cincotta explained the composition of the pic to Buzzfeed like this:

“I didn’t want them facing me, I wanted them to be any two men or two women. I said, ‘Stand there, you’re going to represent love, and everyone will be moving around you’… That’s exactly what love is, it’s about being in a bubble and the world moving around you.”

My Favorite Thing Today: “Texts With My Mother”

Liz Hammett has become an internet sensation after sharing several of her hilarious text messages with her mother on Facebook.

Via US Weekly:

The Ohio-based prankster began documenting their exchanges on Facebook in an album she titled “Texts from my Mother.” After screenshots were shared on Reddit on Sunday, April 3, they quickly racked up more than 200,000 views. Hammett’s public Facebook page now has nearly 180,000 followers.

Hammett’s hijinks include changing her mother’s phone settings to autocorrect a word to “butt,” pretending to be in police custody — and stealing silverware as punishment for not delivering food. “I told you there would be retribution if you did not bring me Easter dinner leftovers,” Hammett warned.

In one exchange, Hammett’s long-suffering mother writes: “You are an awful child. You know you’re killing me. You’re killing your mother Elizabeth.” In another, she calls her daughter an “ungrateful brat.”

Gay Military Couple’s Wedding Kiss Goes Viral

From News-leader.com:

Spc. Shane Adriano and Pfc. Tristian Resz chose the Greene County Courthouse as a venue because they wanted something small and intimate for their Feb. 11 wedding. It was to be just the happy couple, a few supportive friends and a judge.

But after they shared their “first married kiss” photo on Facebook, their small ceremony turned into a worldwide event.

The American Military Partner Association posted the photo a few hours after the wedding. As of Monday morning, that post has been shared 800 times, has almost 4,400 likes and more than 215 comments.

Adriano told the News-Leader they have long since lost track of how many times the photo has been shared.

“It just keeps getting reshared,” he said. “We had a little bit of negative comments on there, but I wasn’t even expecting that many people to like it and share it over and over again.”

US Marine Marries Boyfriend From Viral “Homecoming Kiss” Fame

Dalan Wells (L) and Marine Sergeant Brandon Morgan (R)

You may remember this photo above from February 2012, when Marine Sergeant Brandon Morgan was welcomed home by his boyfriend of four years, Dalan Wells, at a Marines Corp Base in Hawaii.

Seeing Wells, Morgan jumped into his boyfriend’s arms and the moment was captured for the world to see.

Two days later, after the shot was posted to a Facebook page for Gay Marines, the pic had over 18,000 “Likes,” and the couple was famous.

Many felt the pic represented the progress gays and lesbians have made in the military as “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” had ended just six months before.

A year after the photo took the internet by storm, Morgan proposed to Wells.

The happy story comes full circle as we get the news that hunky and inspiring couple got married last weekend in Honeoye Falls, New York.