Shirtless Tim Tebow photoshoot by Annie Leibowitz

I like the pic.  Bravo Annie Leibowitz!
Tim Tebow appears shirtless and in need of a tow truck in a provocative Vogue spread shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.
one picture, the New York Jets backup quarterback is
shown wheeling a gigantic tire through a rocky ravine. 
Tebow is profiled in the October issue of the magazine by Taylor Antrim. The headline of the story is “Superman Returns.”

Tim Tebow shirtless in GQ Magazine

From the article in GQ:

“Tebow smiles the entire time he is surrounded by reporters, no matter what he’s asked, no matter how naked the trap being laid for him, every one of which he dodges, effortlessly, with a soft chuckle. He is clearly enjoying himself. He likes the attention, and not in a craven, needy way. More like: I’m a people person! Back in Denver, Tebow was criticized for playing the noble innocent while others did the assassinating on his behalf, letting him ascend unscathed into the spotlight. One time he was chastised and fined by the team’s other QBs for not proactively denouncing a highway billboard in Denver clamoring for Tebow to be the starter. Back then, when I was eager for reasons to hate Tebow, I sided with his teammates. But now, standing two feet from him, it seems ridiculous to hold him responsible for the antics of some schmucky fan.”

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New York Jets pick up Tim Tebow in trade

Tim Tebow

The Denver Broncos have traded quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick, Newsday is reporting.

Tebow became redundant in Denver after the team signed Peyton Manning to a five-year, $96 million contract. Newsday adds:

“Earlier this offseason, the Jets signed starting quarterback Mark Sanchez to a three-year extension that runs through 2016 and includes $20 million in guaranteed money for 2012-13. Jets owner Woody Johnson said last week the Jets ‘passed on’ Manning.”

The New York Jets will reportedly leave Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback.

Mark Sanchez